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Criminal Justice

The Legal Department provides legal advice and representation to the Board of Directors and the President/CEO regarding the activities of the NAACP to ensure maximum protection of the organization's legal rights and to maintain its operations.

Its mission is to focus on class actions and other cases of broad significance and impact. The department develops and maintains research, pleadings, briefs and other legal resources for the use of NAACP affiliates and a network of cooperating attorneys who assist with litigation and other matters. It sponsors a continuing legal education program for NAACP cooperating attorneys and other civil rights advocates each year in connection with the NAACP's annual convention.

In addition the National NAACP has 3 Goals that it is pursuing to improve our communities access and health. They are:

Goal 6.1: Develop an initiative to address the recent erosion of government needed to comply with, and enforce, civil rights laws.

Goal 6.2: Advocate for more equitable distribution of government benefits American, other minority, and impoverished communities.

Goal 6.3: Promote affirmative enforcement of all fair housing laws.

The NAACP may provide legal information and assistance to concerned citizens, but does not provide legal advice or legal information via e-mail. For legal advice, you should consult a local attorney. You may request legal information and other legal inquiries to the Legal Department by calling 410-580-5790 or by writing:

The NAACP Legal Department
4805 Mt. Hope Drive,
Baltimore, MD