NAACP Corning / Elmira

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is not just theorizing what needs to be done to empower the NAACP members and communities to have reciprocity in economic, social, and political arenas, it is about providing results that improves the economic, social and political health of those members and communities.

To achieve these results 6 Goals have been developed to focus action and obtain real progress. They are:

Goal 10.1: Increase the number of registered African American and other minority voters.

Goal 10.2: Train African American and other minority voters on the voting process and improve voter awareness of civil rights issues.

Goal 10.3: Hold elected and appointed officials accountable on civil rights issues and encourage African American, other minority, and pro-civil rights citizens to seek public offices and roles.

Goal 10.4: Increase voter turnout in African American and other minority communities.

Goal 10.5: Evaluate the accuracy of census data and ensure the distribution of census data to underserved communities.

Goal 10.6: Promote election reform and enforcement of laws protecting and promoting voter participation and voting rights.