NAACP Corning / Elmira


Welcome to the Elmira/Corning branch of the NAACP, a small branch with a big attitude, located in beautiful upstate New York.

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 698
Elmira, New York 14902

The National NAACP was established on February 12, 1909 by a diverse group of individuals who were concerned about racial equality and race relations in America. The local branch has been in operation since 1919.

The organization’s vision is geared toward the improvement of the political, educational, social and economic status of minority groups, the elimination of racial prejudice, and efforts to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination.

The branch consist of a very diverse group of individuals whose memberships represent the lifeblood of the branch. Membership is open to anyone who believes in the basic tenets of the Association.

The primary focus of the local branch is the same as the National organization, that is, the protection and enhancement of the Civil Rights of African Americans and other minorities, and the development of tomorrow’s leaders today.

We are living during problematic times; therefore, we must maintain our focus. We must seek unity in the community. We must strive to make a difference in a world of indifference. We must save the children, as we believe it is better to build an effective child than it is to repair an adult. According to Dr. Benjamin Carson, “we create our own destiny by the way we do things. We have to take advantage of opportunities and be responsible for our choices.” We must build bridges of unity, and with God’s help, we can learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.